Patent Number: 8,715,022

Title: Marine vessel transmission

Abstract: Marine vessel transmission with an input drive shaft which extends along an input drive shaft axis and is designed to be connected to a marine engine, an output drive shaft which is designed to provide a torque to a propeller and has a gear reduction for the input drive shaft, a housing which partially surrounds the input drive shaft and the output drive shaft, a secondary output drive shaft having a torque introduction journal that protrudes from the housing and on which a secondary output drive gearwheel is arranged, which is located in the torque path behind the input drive shaft, and an electric generator which features a rotor which is interlocked with the torque introduction journal, whereby the rotor runs coaxially to the secondary output drive shaft and is borne mechanically determined onto the torque introduction journal.

Inventors: Martens; Dirk (Coppenbrugge, DE)

Assignee: Reintjes GmbH

International Classification: B63H 20/14 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/06/12018