Patent Number: 8,715,717

Title: Composition for animal consumption

Abstract: This invention is directed generally to compositions (including foods, supplements, treats, toys, etc.) for animal consumption, particularly compositions that tend to aid in weight loss or reduction in weight gain, and particularly compositions that comprise one or more medium chain fatty acid triglycerides ("MCT"). This invention also is directed generally to methods for using such compositions. This invention is further directed generally to processes for making such compositions.

Inventors: Miller; Cheryl C. (Lawrence, KS), Jewell; Dennis (Lawrence, KS), Schoenherr; William D. (Hoyt, KS)

Assignee: Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc.

International Classification: A23K 1/17 (20060101); A23K 1/165 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/06/12018