Patent Number: 8,715,771

Title: Coated stent and method of making the same

Abstract: A coated implantable medical device and a method of coating an implantable medical device is disclosed, the method includes applying a composition onto the device and drying the composition at elevated temperature in an environment having increased relative humidity. A pre-screening method for a manufacturing lot of coated stents to determine the number of drug coating layers for a desired drug release rate is disclosed. The method including coating and testing small groups of stents, and applying the results of the tests to determine the number of drug coating layers to apply to the manufacturing lot of stents.

Inventors: Orosa; Dennis R. (San Diego, CA), Papp; John E. (Temecula, CA), Nguyen; Hung T. (San Diego, CA), Pacetti; Stephen D. (San Jose, CA), Jayasinghe; Dudley Shelton (Murrieta, CA), Gillick; Matthew J. (Murietta, CA)

Assignee: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

International Classification: B05D 3/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/06/12018