Patent Number: 8,716,112

Title: Method for crystallizing amorphous silicon thin film and method for fabricating poly crystalline thin film transistor using the same

Abstract: Provided is a method of crystallizing an amorphous silicon thin film transistor and a method of fabricating a polycrystalline thin film transistor using the same, in which the polycrystalline thin film transistor indicating leakage current characteristics of a level that is applicable for active matrix organic light emitting diode displays (AMOLEDs) can be manufactured by using a silicide seed induced lateral crystallization (SILC) method. The amorphous silicon thin film transistor crystallizing method includes the steps of: forming an amorphous silicon layer on a substrate; forming an active region by patterning the amorphous silicon layer; forming a crystallization induced metal layer in both a source region and a drain region that are placed on both side ends of the active region; forming a number of dot-shaped metal silicide seeds on the surfaces of the source region and the drain region made of amorphous silicon by removing the crystallization induced metal layer; and crystallizing the active region formed of the amorphous silicon layer by heat-treating the substrate by using the metal silicide seeds as crystallization seeds.

Inventors: Joo; Seung Ki (Seongnam-si, KR), Byun; Chang Woo (Seoul, KR), Son; Se Wan (Yongin-si, KR), Lee; Yong Woo (Seoul, KR), Kang; Hyun Mo (Incheon, KR), Park; Seol Ah (Seoul, KR), Lim; Woo Chang (Seoul, KR), Li; Tao (Seoul, KR), Yun; Seung Jae (Seoul, KR), Lee; Sang Joo (Seoul, KR)

Assignee: Joo; Seung Ki

International Classification: H01L 21/20 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/06/12018