Patent Number: 8,716,366

Title: Process for the preparation of carbon black/silica/nanoclay master batch from fresh natural rubber latex

Abstract: The present invention relates to a process for preparing tri-filler incorporated natural rubber master batch. The fillers used in the present invention are carbon black, silica and nano-clay (modified montmorillonite clay, Cloisite 93 A). The process of preparing fillers incorporated master batch involves preparation of the individual filler dispersions by mixing each filler with surfactants. Further fresh rubber latex is soap sensitized by mixing it with surfactant. The filler dispersions are added to the soap sensitized rubber latex slowly under stirring to form the master mix. Then the master mix is coagulated by the addition of acid to form coagulum. The coagulum is dewatered and dried to obtain filler incorporated natural rubber master batch.

Inventors: Alex; Rosamma (Kottayam, IN), Sasidharan; Kavumnadayil Krishnan (Kottayam, IN), Jacob; James (Kottayam, IN)


International Classification: C08J 3/215 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/06/12018