Patent Number: 8,717,857

Title: Method for copy protection

Abstract: A method for copy protection in which an audiovisual or audio data is divided into a plurality of portions. The plurality of portions is at least partly scrambled and prepared so as to be stored on a record carrier in the scrambled order. This is done so that a physical position on the record carrier, e.g., a sector of the record carrier, where a respective portions of the divided data is stored depends on the scrambled order.

Inventors: Spitzlinger; Markus (Elsbethen, AT), Winter; Andreas (Viehhausen, AT), Hinterhoelzl; Walter (Koppl, AT), Eisenmann; Peter (Hallein, AT), Holzapfel; Klaus (Kuchl, AT), Engel; Dominik (Salzburg, AT), Gruenberger; Juergen (Maria Enzersdorf, AT)

Assignee: Sony DADC Austria AG

International Classification: G11B 7/085 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/06/12018