Patent Number: 8,717,908

Title: Component carrier selection method and apparatus for random access attempts in a communications network

Abstract: Methods and apparatus for selecting component carriers for random access attempts. A user equipment arranged to communicate with the base station over multiple component carriers, selects a component carrier from the multiple component carriers, based on a likelihood, and transmits a random access attempt to the base station over the selected component carrier. After maintaining statistics of component carriers selected for random access attempts per component carrier of the multiple component carriers, the user equipment adjusts the likelihood of selecting a specific component carrier for a subsequent transmission of a random access attempt based on the maintained statistics.

Inventors: Baldemair; Robert (Solna, SE), Sagfors; Mats (Kyrkslatt, FI), Stattin; Magnus (Sollentuna, SE)

Assignee: Optis Cellular Technology, LLC

International Classification: H04J 3/14 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/06/12018