Patent Number: 8,718,440

Title: Decentralized symmetric network of autonomous digital video recorders and its method of use

Abstract: The present invention describes a decentralized symmetric configuration of digital video recorders (DVCRs) for monitoring, controlling, analyzing, recording, playback and streaming of audio/visual (A/V) media over a network. Each DVCR is an autonomous device able to operate in its local environment as well as access and operate another DVCR available on the network to facilitate the overall working of the disclosed system. Each DVCR also exhibits storage fail-safe feature whereby it recovers data automatically if storage media gets corrupted such as due to sudden power failure. A DVCR can be configured to scan the network for other DVCR units. A list of discovered DVCRs is displayed. Each DVCR can access, after authentication, any of the listed DVCR for configuration, monitoring, controlling, recording, playback and other available functionality over the network. The same controls used for operating a local DVCR, including use of buttons, can be employed to operate the remote DVCR, giving a virtual presence at the remote location. The functionality exhibited by each of the DVCR, can be identical. A plurality of the DVCR can thus form a decentralized, symmetric network in which there is no master or central controller.

Inventors: Khan; Mohammad Ayub (Santa Clara, CA), Mughal; Mushtaq Ahmad (Islamabad, PK), Obaid; Adnan (Islamabad, PK), Sarwar; Haris (Islamabad, PK), Alvi; Yousra Yousaf (Islamabad, PK), Rashid; Haroon Ur (Islamabad, PK), Raza; Atif (Islamabad, PK)

Assignee: Streaming Networks, Inc.

International Classification: H04N 5/932 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/06/12018