Patent Number: 8,718,674

Title: Method for locating a source by multi-channel estimation of the TDOA and FDOA of its multipath components with or without AOA

Abstract: A method and system for locating an emitter E transmitting a signal toward a receiver A comprising N radio frequency channels (N.gtoreq.1), the characteristics of said signal being unknown to the receiver and said signal being reflected off P reflectors B.sub.i (P.gtoreq.1) of known positions, includes a step of multi-channel joint estimation/detection of the time differences of arrival or TDOA .tau..sub.i and of the frequency differences of arrival or FDOA f.sub.i for each reflected path, a step of angular estimation of the direction .theta..sub.1 of the direct path of the signal emitted by a goniometry procedure, and a step of location in the plane of the position (x,y) of the emitter E on the basis, at least, of the pairs (.tau..sub.i, f.sub.i).

Inventors: Germond; Cecile (Paris, FR), Ferreol; Anne (Colombes, FR)

Assignee: THALES

International Classification: H04W 24/00 (20090101)

Expiration Date: 5/06/12018