Patent Number: 8,718,858

Title: GPS navigation system

Abstract: A GPS navigation system for a motor vehicle mounted within sight of a driver and/or navigator. The system comprises and/or consists of a memory module that contains a pre-stored map database including a plurality of locations and a receiver supported within the motor vehicle for receiving signals indicative of the current position of the map. The system also includes a monitor positioned in the position within sight of the driver and/or navigator for displaying the location of the vehicle with the respect to a pre-stored map. Means including the memory module, receiver and said monitor display an area of about 1/2 km in all direction and up to 1/2 km to 1 km from the current position of the vehicle. Further, means including a zoom optical system for zooming in and out of the 1/2 to 1 km radius of the vehicle location on the stored map and means for summoning help to the present location of the vehicle. In addition, radar means for sensing an object that obstructs the projected pathway of the vehicle and a plurality of sensors and running control means perform the auto-drive control running of the vehicle based on the detection of signals from the plurality of sensors wherein said auto-drive control includes speed control, steering and breaking. The system includes a change over means for switching between the auto-drive and manual drive modes.

Inventors: Al-Mahnna; Khaled Abdullah M. (Salmma, KW)


International Classification: G05D 1/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/06/12018