Patent Number: 8,719,300

Title: Catalog performance plus

Abstract: A method, system and computer-usable medium are disclosed for managing an integrated catalog facility (ICF) catalog. An ICF catalog is monitored by a contention detection module. Information related to a detected catalog resource contention is used by the contention detection module to generate a contention event. Information related to the contention event is then provided to a contention resolution module, which uses the information to perform a contention resolution operation. Once the resolution operation has been performed, contention events and contention resolution operations are reported by a contention reporting module.

Inventors: Scott; Michael R. (Ocean View, HI), Smith; Max D. (Tucson, AZ), Reed; David C. (Tucson, AZ), Chauvet; Philip R. (Tucson, AZ)

Assignee: International Business Machines Corporation

International Classification: G06F 17/30 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/06/12018