Patent Number: 8,719,966

Title: Garment with compartments

Abstract: A garment having compartments for holding objects. Some compartments are operable to permit waste to pass out of the compartments. Others are attached to the garment on the thigh or other location to permit access where a standard hip pocket would be blocked by a toolbelt. Others have apertures in addition to the normal hip pocket opening which may permit access to the pocket where the opening to the hip pocket would be blocked by a toolbelt. The garment may be used by a worker, such as a carpenter, with knee pads in compartments in a knee area of the garment, the compartments having apertures operable to permit sawdust and other waste to empty from the compartment. Additionally, a thigh pocket may have a cover preventing waste from entering the pocket, and can provide storage where a hip pocket would be blocked by a toolbelt or rendered inaccessible by kneeling.

Inventors: Grozdev; Dmitriy (Tacoma, WA)


International Classification: A41D 13/06 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/13/12018