Patent Number: 8,720,008

Title: Horizontally adjustable hinge for use with heavy insulated doors

Abstract: A hinge for use with an insulated door of a walk-in freezer, refrigerator or cooler including a hinge base adapted to be attached to the frame of said freezer, refrigerator or cooler, a hinge blade pivotally coupled to the hinge base and a wall that extends across the hinge base which has a U shaped clearance opening. Fastening screws located in clearance openings in the hinge blade and threadedly coupled to a door mounting plate adapted to be securely attached to the insulated door for slidably or securely coupling the hinge blade to the door mounting plate, and a micro adjust screw having a threaded shaft located in the U shaped clearance opening and threadedly coupled to the door mounting plate, wherein turning the micro adjust screw slides the door mounting plate horizontally along the hinge blade to provide door lift or rotation to compensate for frame or mounting misalignment.

Inventors: Dodge; Timothy David (Whitehall, PA), Vassallo; Matthew James (Allentown, PA)


International Classification: E05D 7/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/13/12018