Patent Number: 8,720,016

Title: Snap mounting clip system

Abstract: A clip for releasably securing a panel to a support, including a socket member, and a ball member. The socket member includes a base having a bore positioned at a center point of the base and a collar located around the bore, the collar being partitioned into segment walls separated by gaps. The ball member includes a base having a collar positioned around the center and a cylindrical pillar with a spherical member projecting from a top surface of the base at a generally perpendicular angle to the base. The spherical member of the cylindrical pillar is pushed through the collar of the socket member, causing the segment walls to flex back to allow the spherical member to emerge from above the segment walls and the pillar to be encircled by the segment walls when the segment walls flex back to their original position, resulting in a secure snap fit engagement of the ball and socket members.

Inventors: Beaulieu; Dominic (Deerfield Beach, FL)


International Classification: F16B 2/20 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/13/12018