Patent Number: 8,720,131

Title: Installation system for PV modules

Abstract: A mounting system for photovoltaic modules includes at least two profile-shaped cross rails arranged parallel to each other and configured to hold several PV modules. Each cross rail includes plane supporting surfaces. The PV module is mounted by placing it onto the at least two cross rails so that the at least two holders lay flat on the plane supporting surfaces of the at least two cross rails. The PV module is then moved in a joining direction perpendicular to the cross rails while lying on the plane supporting surfaces so that either a recess engages with an integrated protrusion or a protrusion engages with an integrated recess. A retaining safety device is disposed between at least one cross rail and its corresponding holder and is configured to counteract a move against the joining direction.

Inventors: Urban; Hans (Haag, DE), Zapfe; Cedrik (Grafing, DE)

Assignee: Schletter GmbH

International Classification: E04D 13/18 (20140101)

Expiration Date: 5/13/12018