Patent Number: 8,720,227

Title: Conveyance assisting device of glass ribbon

Abstract: In a glass-ribbon conveyance assisting device which is applied to a glass-ribbon conveyance device configured to convey a glass ribbon on a plurality of rotating glass-conveyance rolls, the glass-ribbon conveyance assisting device includes a rotary drive section, a plurality of rolls configured to be rotated by the rotary drive section, an annular belt configured to rotate while running with flexion under a state where the rolls have been inserted into the belt, and a wheel configured to press the glass ribbon which is conveyed on the belt. The glass ribbon is conveyed on the belt by a drive of the belt under a state where width-directional both end portions of the glass ribbon are sandwiched between the belt and the wheel.

Inventors: Tsuji; Tomokazu (Minamikawachi-gun, JP), Mifuji; Takanori (Sakai, JP), Tanise; Nobuhisa (Osakasayama, JP), Masui; Kinji (Osakasayama, JP)

Assignee: Central Glass Company, Limited

International Classification: C03B 13/16 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/13/12018