Patent Number: 8,720,381

Title: Pet grooming tool

Abstract: A pet grooming tool includes a plurality of tine members and dematting members juxtaposed with one another along a shaft axis of a mounting shaft to be secured to a handle assembly. Each tine member has front and rear edge surface extending to join with each other to form a tine tip. Each dematting member has a dematting blade region extending to terminate at an inclined distal edge surface, and having a blade cutout portion which extends from the inclined distal edge surface to form a dematting blade tip that is disposed rearward from the tine tip for preventing injury to a user or a pet. The pet grooming tool will rake or comb a pet by means of the tine members while cutting tangles and mats of the undercoat of the pet by means of the dematting members.

Inventors: Wang; Huo-Pia (Chang-Hua, TW)


International Classification: A01K 13/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/13/12018