Patent Number: 8,720,481

Title: Fluid leak detection and shutdown apparatus

Abstract: An apparatus and method for a fluid leak detection and shutdown for a fluid distribution system having a total system flow rate. The apparatus includes a solenoid shutoff valve having a normally open state and an activated closed state with a flow capacity matched to the total fluid distribution system flow rate. The apparatus also has a primary fluid flow line and a smaller capacity secondary fluid flow line. The apparatus includes a flow sensor in fluid communication with the secondary fluid flow line, wherein the flow sensor has a perceptible output and a flow rate capacity less than the solenoid shutoff flow capacity. Operationally, the flow sensor receives a portion of the solenoid shutoff valve flow capacity in priority over the primary fluid flow line, allowing the flow sensor to detect minimal flow rates and using the perceptible output to activate the solenoid shutoff valve into the closed state.

Inventors: Guy; Kevin Duane (Yuma, CO)


International Classification: F16K 31/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/13/12018