Patent Number: 8,720,487

Title: Grease delivery receiver and nozzle couplable without fluid pressure bleed-down and having pressurization lockout and flush face coupling

Abstract: A grease and lubricating oil line coupler includes a nozzle and a receiver which can be intercoupled for grease or lubricating oil delivery. Each component is equipped with a normally closed, sealed poppet, which prevents the entrance of dirt and other contaminants into the free ends thereof when decoupled, and which provides an easily-cleanable, flush-faced mating surface. The nozzle has a handle-operated internal valve with an interlock that is controlled by a quick disconnect slidable collar, which prevents the release of lubricants from the nozzle unless it is coupled to the receiver. Only when the nozzle and receiver are interconnected can the valve be opened, and only when the valve is closed can the nozzle be decoupled from the receiver. When the nozzle and receiver are coupled together, internal parts within the two components move to create a path through which lubricants can flow.

Inventors: Cooley; Robert Charles (Springville, UT)


International Classification: F16L 37/28 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/13/12018