Patent Number: 8,720,490

Title: Device for reducing deep sea off-shore oil pipe leaks and related method of use

Abstract: A tubular assembly to engage a leaking pipe under water includes an insert, a triangular shaped front guide, an outer annular sleeve, and a fluid supply assembly. The insert is hallow, tubular in shape and construction, and includes a first end, second end and an exterior surface containing a plurality of inflatable bladders and flanges. The front guide attaches to the first end of the insert, and includes a retarder tube to collect fluid from the leaking pipe. The outer annular sleeve is sized to surround both the insert and the leaking pipe, and includes retaining bolts capable of engaging the leaking pipe. The fluid supply assembly fills each inflatable bladder and includes a supply line, a distribution tube, a plurality of feed lines that communicates with each inflatable bladder via an injector, and check valves placed between each inflatable bladder and each feed line.

Inventors: Burns; James (Sugar Loaf Key, FL)


International Classification: F16L 55/18 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/13/12018