Patent Number: 8,720,503

Title: Apparatus and method for producing barrel staves

Abstract: The present invention therefore provides an improved apparatus and integrated method for producing barrel staves. The apparatus measures the profile of unfinished stave workpieces and based on the width and shape of the stave, as well as other parameters such as the type of barrel that is required, the edges of the stave are trimmed accordingly. This ensures fewer rejected staves, less waste in that the width of the unfinished stave is continuously measured across its entire length with minimum depth of cut required, and most importantly, barrel staves having extremely accurate jointed edges ensuring superior finished barrels have an internal surface that is free from undesirable spacing between the staves, utilizing less labor than hitherto known apparatus.

Inventors: Roberts; Ian (Aberfoyle Park, AU), Whiting; John (Millswood, AU), Waterman; Breck (Hawthorn, AU), Conigrave; Alan (North Adelaide, AU), Peacock; Graham (Grange, AU)

Assignee: Southern Cross Cooperage Pty Ltd.

International Classification: B27H 3/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/13/12018