Patent Number: 8,720,618

Title: Retrofitting a vehicle to transfer mechanical power out of an engine compartment

Abstract: A vehicle is retrofitted with a secondary power generation system having a Mechanical Power Transfer System (MPTS) and an electrical generator. The MPTS transfers power from an engine crankshaft within an engine compartment to a generator shaft of the electrical generator disposed outside of the engine compartment. Retrofitting the vehicle with the MPTS allows the electrical generator to be attached to a portion of a chassis of the vehicle that is outside of the engine compartment. Attachment of the electrical generator outside the engine compartment avoids the tight space constraints and harsh operating conditions (high operating temperatures) within the engine compartment. Thus a larger, more powerful generator that requires less maintenance is realized. Additionally, the MPTS does not include any Power Take-Off mechanism, clutch system, or disengagement mechanism resulting in more efficient power transfer and in an overall increase in the amount of electrical energy generated than in conventional techniques.

Inventors: Cohen; Yedidia (Beverly Hills, CA)

Assignee: Aura Systems Inc.

International Classification: B60K 6/42 (20071001)

Expiration Date: 5/13/12018