Patent Number: 8,720,655

Title: Luggage case with large folding wheels

Abstract: A wheeled luggage case may include first and second shells connected together at their perimeter edges to define a generally parallelepiped packing volume. A wheel device may be attached to each of the first and second shells. Each of these wheel devices may include a hub rotatably attached to a respective shell. A tire may be attached to the hub for rolling on the supporting surface when the tire portion and hub are rotated about this axis of rotation. The tire portion may include a series of tire segments. At least some of the segments may be attached to the hub portion by a hinge. The hinge may include a hinging axis of rotation at a substantially right angle to the axis of rotation of the hub itself.

Inventors: King; William L. (Swansea, MA)

Assignee: Samsonite IP Holdings S.a.r.l.

International Classification: B62D 5/14 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/13/12018