Patent Number: 8,720,689

Title: Multi-tiered cupcake container

Abstract: Tray includes a first base portion having an upper surface defining a first tier and a second portion having an upper surface defining a second tier. The first tier and the second tier are separated by a height. The upper surface of the first portion and the upper surface of the second portion each have a plurality of spaced-apart wells defined therein. Each well is sized and shaped to receive a food item and has an upper edge with an engagement recess formed therein. The engagement recess is sized to allow a food item within the well to be gripped for removal. The tray can further include a trapping feature to secure a lid, and thus form a container.

Inventors: Kirkland; H. Bernard (Lindenhurst, IL), Hobbs; John Kerry (McDonough, GA)

Assignee: Pactiv LLC

International Classification: B65D 73/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/13/12018