Patent Number: 8,720,729

Title: Foil for providing a peel-seal valve, package comprising the foil, and method of manufacturing the foil

Abstract: A foil made of two plastic films and an adhesive layer laminating the two films together, wherein the first plastic film has a first side and a second side and comprises punctures therebetween. The foil is of a dual peel-seal type such that the first plastic film realizes a first peel-able seal within the foil at its first side in the form of an adhesion peel seal in an open state and/or in the form of a cohesion peel seal in a sealed state, and wherein the adhesive layer leaves open the punctures such that gas can penetrate through the punctures in-between the two films towards the first peel-able seal.

Inventors: Madai; Gyula (Budapest, HU), Vollmer; Jan-Torsten (Grabenstatt, DE), Budai; Melinda (Vienna, AT), Seeber; Michael (Klaus, AT), Mumelter; Bernhard (Kufstein, AT)

Assignee: Mondi AG

International Classification: B65D 51/16 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/13/12018