Patent Number: 8,720,742

Title: Sales kiosk

Abstract: This disclosure is directed to a sales kiosk, a kiosk system and a process for dispensing or ordering one or more target products or samples of the target products. This disclosure is further directed to a kiosk system having a plurality of the sales kiosks connected via wired or wireless connections. The sales kiosks can be particularly useful for dispensing samples of sales products, such as furniture, typically not suitable to dispense at the sales location; or customized products that need to be customized. The sales kiosk can further be useful for ordering sales products. The sale kiosks can provide advantages for seeing and experiencing the sales products even the sale products cannot be directly displayed or dispensed. The kiosk can be modular and can comprise one or more modules.

Inventors: Zhang; Junfang (Manhasset, NY)


International Classification: G07F 11/48 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/13/12018