Patent Number: 8,720,758

Title: Shoe holder system for bicycle saddle

Abstract: Embodiments of the disclosed systems are useful to participants in triathlons who wish to transport their own running shoes while bicycling. Athletic shoes are transported behind a bicycle saddle by use of an arm bracket 300 attaching to saddle rails 101. The arm bracket comprises an attachment section 307, a neck section 317 and two antler 301 styled sections. Each antler section includes an outer prong area 313 and an inner prong area 314. A shoe holder 200 attaches to each antler section wherein voids within the shoe holders match the voids found within the arm bracket components. The side components of the shoe holders assist in preventing rotational movement of a shoe. Each shoe holder further comprises a rear retainer section 208 having an upper arch edge 209, useful in allowing the shoe holder to flex inwardly or outwardly to facilitate the ingress or egress of a shoe.

Inventors: Angeli; Aldo (San Francisco, CA), Angeli; Michele (Tuscany, IT)


International Classification: B62J 9/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/13/12018