Patent Number: 8,720,863

Title: Apparatus for stringing a line underneath a cross member

Abstract: A stringing apparatus for stringing a sock-line, optionally a phase line, within a closed framed opening of a power line tower of H-frame, portal or corset type uses a helicopter for pulling the sock-line where the stringing apparatus is suspended from the helicopter by a tow-line and the sock-line is fastened to it. The stringing apparatus comprises an arcuate channel which is attached to the sock-line and a rotating open spoke star-wheel defining legs the ends of which travel inside the channel and allows a continuous revolution of the star wheel thus allowing the closed frame cross member to travel through one of the gaps between the legs while the sock-line passes to the underside of the cross member and the tow line passes over the cross member.

Inventors: Combret; Olivier (Kaleden, CA)

Assignee: VMR Aviation Ltd.

International Classification: B66D 1/36 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/13/12018