Patent Number: 8,720,918

Title: Foldable scooter

Abstract: A foldable scooter includes a pedal, front and rear wheel assemblies, a riser and two handlebars. The pedal includes front and rear parts hinged together and has a latch rod at an underside thereof to prevent the two parts from rotating toward each other. The front and rear parts respectively have a front shaft and a rear shaft extended in a front-rear direction along the pedal. The front wheel assembly includes a head tube, a front fork, a front wheel and a connecting base positioned to a rear side of the head tube and the front shaft. A positioning lever between the connecting base and the front part secures the front wheel assembly. The rear wheel assembly is positioned to the rear shaft, and a locking mechanism between the rear wheel assembly and the rear part prevents them from rotating relative to each other about the rear shaft.

Inventors: Liao; Hsueh Tsan (Shenzhen, CN)

Assignee: Xin Xin Li Bicycle Fittings (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

International Classification: B62M 1/00 (20100101)

Expiration Date: 5/13/12018