Patent Number: 8,720,936

Title: Twin baby carriage

Abstract: A twin baby carriage comprises a front bracket, a pair of rear brackets, and a linkage bar set. The front bracket includes a connection hub at a middle section. The front bracket includes a front stretcher extended between two sides thereof. The rear brackets include a rear stretcher extended between two outmost sides thereof. The linkage bar set includes an elongate bar, an upper slide sleeve and a lock control assembly. The elongate bar bridges the connection hub and front stretcher. The upper slide sleeve is coupled on the elongate bar. The lock control assembly is held in the upper slide sleeve and includes a control knob and a pin. The control knob is depressible to drive the pin to insert into a positioning hole on the elongate bar such that the upper slide sleeve and elongate bar are locked to form a fixing state.

Inventors: Lai; Chin-I (Tainan, TW)


International Classification: B62B 7/08 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/13/12018