Patent Number: 8,721,226

Title: Helical rock tip

Abstract: A helical pier having a rock tip for rotational insertion into soil/rock and anchoring a structure thereto has an elongated shaft with a longitudinal axis, a penetrating end, a trailing end, and a peripheral surface between the penetrating end towards the trailing end. The penetrating end defines a penetrating edge of the shaft. A recess formed in the shaft extends from the first end surface toward the trailing end of the shaft, forms a recess wall and terminates in a second end surface that is obliquely inclined relative to the first end surface and the longitudinal axis. The recess wall defines a lateral cutting edge oriented transversely to the penetrating edge. In use, the recess receives soil/rock loosened by the penetrating edge and the cutting edge, and the second end surface directs loosened soil/rock out of the recess when the helical pier is rotated into the soil/rock.

Inventors: Baumsteiger; Christian R. (Woodacre, CA)

Assignee: Baumsteiger; Christian R.

International Classification: E02D 5/54 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/13/12018