Patent Number: 8,721,228

Title: Foundation-unit structure of structural object such as retaining wall, structure of upper and lower boundaries of retaining wall, and retaining wall

Abstract: The present invention provides a foundation-unit structure of a structural object such as a retaining wall installed fixedly on a foundation ground, in which the foundation ground is formed therein with a concavity, a sliding resistive element is placed within the concavity, and at least the front surface side of the sliding resistive element is filled with a grain-sized material so as to form a layer thereof, and an internal frictional angle of the grain-sized material forming the grain-sized material layer is equal to or greater than that of a grain-sized material comprising the ground and supporting the grain-sized material layer, and the grain-sized material layer exerts a reaction force (passive) via the sliding resistive element so as to reinforce a sliding resistance of the structural object mounted on the grain-sized material layer. In this way, a retaining wall excellent in a sliding preventive function is provided.

Inventors: Suematsu; Yoshio (Maebaru, JP), Komatsu; Toshimitsu (Kasuya-gun, JP), Yasufuku; Noriyuki (Fukuoka, JP)

Assignee: Toeishokou Kabushi Kaisha

International Classification: E02D 29/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/13/12018