Patent Number: 8,721,314

Title: Noodle maker

Abstract: In an extruder-type noodle maker comprising a casing constituted as a cylindrical body, a screw, a nozzle unit, a connector, a hopper, and a drive unit, the nozzle unit is formed with many holes tapered in the outlet direction, an inner peripheral surface of the nozzle unit is provided with multiple engaging protrusions and depressions, an end surface of the distal end periphery of the cylindrical casing is provided at corresponding locations with multiple receiving depressions and protrusions for insertion into the engaging protrusions and depressions, and the cylindrical casing is constituted by forming a proximal end section thereof positioned under the hopper of resin and forming a distal end thereof near an outlet of metal, whereby it has a structure comprising a resin portion and a metal portion joined together.

Inventors: Sugano; Eiji (Hokkaido, JP)


International Classification: B29C 47/08 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/13/12018