Patent Number: 8,721,754

Title: Filter clamping system

Abstract: A spring loaded filter clamping frame includes a rear frame section which defines an interior space to secure a filter element. The rear frame section includes a projection extending toward the interior space and a rear latch mechanism. A front frame section defines an interior space and is slidably engaged with the rear frame section. An aperture in the front frame section interacts with the projection. A front latch mechanism with a latch mechanism biasing member interacts with the rear latch mechanism. A frame biasing member is located between the rear frame section and the front frame section. The frame biasing member applies a force urging the rear frame section and the front frame section apart, resulting in a filter clamping frame. In further examples, the frame biasing member is a coil spring and the latch mechanisms are hooks.

Inventors: Mann; Richard Michael Ashley (Basingstoke, GB), Kulkarni; Abhijeet Madhukar (Basingstoke, GB), McGuigan; Peter Thomas (Selborne Alton, GB)

Assignee: BHA Altair, LLC

International Classification: B01D 45/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/13/12018