Patent Number: 8,721,789

Title: Apparatus and method for crystallization of silicon

Abstract: An apparatus for crystallization of silicon includes a crucible for containing silicon, a heating and heat dissipating arrangement provided for melting the silicon contained in the crucible and for subsequently solidifying the molten silicon, and an electromagnetic stirring device provided for stirring the molten silicon in the crucible during the solidification of the molten silicon. A control arrangement is provided for controlling the heating and heat dissipating arrangement to solidify the molten silicon at a specified solidification rate and for controlling the electromagnetic stirring device to stir the molten silicon in response to the specified solidification rate of the molten silicon such that the ratio of a speed of the molten silicon and the specified solidification rate is above a first threshold value.

Inventors: Eriksson; Jan-Erik (Vasteras, SE), Hjortstam; Olof (Vasteras, SE), Sand; Ulf (Vasteras, SE)

Assignee: ABB AB

International Classification: C30B 13/30 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/13/12018