Patent Number: 8,721,972

Title: Device for the carrying out of chemical or biological reactions

Abstract: The invention relates to a device for performing biological reactions in a nucleic acid sample. The device can comprise a reaction vessel receiving element that includes a plurality of reaction vessel holders and a gastight jacket or equalization plate containing a fluid changeable between liquid and gaseous states. The gastight jacket or equalization plate can be configured to provide temperature equalization among the reaction vessel holders. The reaction vessel receiving element can also include at least one Peltier element, a cooling element, and a controller configured to cycle the device through a predetermined time-temperature profile via heating and cooling.

Inventors: Heimberg; Wolfgang (Ebersberg, DE), Herrmann; Thomas (Ottobrunn, DE), Knulle; Matthias (Grafing, DE), Schurf; Markus (Siegsdorf, DE), Wagner; Tilmann (Grafing, DE)

Assignee: Applied Biosystems, LLC

International Classification: G05D 23/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 5/13/12018