Patent Number: 8,742,997

Title: Testing system with electrically coupled and wirelessly coupled probes

Abstract: Conductive electronic device structures such as a conductive housing member that forms part of an antenna may be tested during manufacturing. A test system may be provided that has a pair of pins or other contacts. Test equipment such as a network analyzer may provide radio-frequency test signals in a range of frequencies. The radio-frequency test signals may be applied to the conductive housing member or other conductive structures under test using the test probe contacts. An antenna may be used to gather corresponding wireless radio-frequency signal data. Forward transfer coefficient data may be computed from the transmitted and received radio-frequency signals. The forward transfer coefficient data or other test data may be compared to reference data to determine whether the conductive electronic device structures contain a fault.

Inventors: Nickel; Joshua G. (San Jose, CA), McPeak; James L. (Fremont, CA), Shen; Jr-Yi (Sunnyvale, CA)

Assignee: Apple Inc.

International Classification: G01R 29/10 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2022-06-03 0:00:00