Patent Number: 8,788,274

Title: Language converter and transmitting system

Abstract: A language converter and transmitting system includes a processor adapted for converting the first language into a plurality of secondary languages. An audio input is operationally coupled to the processor. An audio output of a media source may be operationally coupled to the audio input. A wireless transmitter is operationally coupled to the processor for transmitting each of the secondary languages. Each of the secondary languages is transmitted on one of a plurality of frequencies. Each of a plurality of receiving devices includes a receiver for receiving signals from the wireless transmitter. A tuner for selecting one of the plurality of frequencies is operationally coupled to the receiver. A sound emitter for emitting an audible sound is operationally coupled to the tuner. The tuner may be used to select one of said plurality of frequencies such that one of the plurality of secondary languages is emitted through the sound emitter.

Inventors: Guzman; Jose Estevan (Hollister, CA)


International Classification: G10L 21/00 (20130101)

Expiration Date: 2022-07-22 0:00:00