Patent Number: 8,788,816

Title: Systems and methods for controlling distribution, copying, and viewing of remote data

Abstract: Systems, methods, software, computer implemented methods, and file formats that allow for the creator of a file to place constraints on a file prior to transmitting it which generally allow the owner to have greater control over the use of their data after it has left their possession. These systems and methods also allow for ongoing control of digital data which allow for a sender to delete files that have been sent, to delete copies, and to generally control data that has left their private machine through the use of multi-layer encryption.

Inventors: Spaulding; Douglas E. (Westminster, CO), Jamison, Jr.; Kenneth A. (Loveland, CO), Elliott; Jeffrey D. (Denver, CO)

Assignee: EJS Technologies, LLC

International Classification: G06F 21/62 (20130101)

Expiration Date: 2022-07-22 0:00:00