Patent Number: 8,791,164

Title: Device and method for increasing the effectiveness processes of catalytic chemical processes

Abstract: The present invention relates to a monolithic solid catalyst for carrying out a heterogeneous catalytic chemical reaction in a reaction fluid which flows through the catalyst and comprises at least one educt, wherein the catalyst has at least one passage opening for the reaction fluid to flow through the catalyst. In order to obtain a larger and targeted yield and selectivity of the sought reaction products with a smaller design of the reactors, smaller energy feed and smaller reaction pressures and/or lower reaction temperatures, it is proposed according to the invention that, to increase the effectiveness of the chemical reaction, the catalyst has at least one mechanical oscillator by which, while carrying out the chemical reaction, the catalyst can be subjected to a mechanical frequency in the range of from 20 kHz to 2 GHz.

Inventors: Wagner; Edmund (Wiesbaden, DE)


International Classification: C07C 27/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 7/29/12018