Patent Number: 8,791,165

Title: Synthesis of DME using a fluid pluralized bed reactor

Abstract: This invention discloses a method for making a dimethylether (DME) product from a synthesis gas (syngas) in the presence of a catalyst in a fluid pluralized bed reactor operating in the gas phase. The reactions generate a significant amount of heat and the heat management is balanced between supplying quench recycle syngas to the pluralized sections along the reactor and also by controlling the preheat temperature of the reactant streams. Gas phase fluidization of the catalyst is controlled so that the pluralized reactive zones are maintained in a backmix configuration.

Inventors: Randhava; Sarabjit S. (Evanston, IL), Kao; Richard L. (Northbrook, IL), Harvey; Todd L. (Schaumburg, IL)

Assignee: Unitel Technologies, Inc.

International Classification: C07C 27/06 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 7/29/12018