Patent Number: 8,791,378

Title: Keyboard preventable keycaps from breaking off

Abstract: The present invention provides a keyboard preventable keycaps from breaking off, which comprises a keyboard main body, and a limit board fixed to the keyboard main body. The keyboard main body comprises a base board, a thin film circuit board mounted on the base board, an elastic body mounted above the thin film circuit board, a scissors structure, and a keycap. The center of the scissors structure is provided with a hollow part. The elastic body is located above the thin film circuit board and in the hollow part at the center of the scissors structure. The keycap is located on the elastic body. The scissors structure is mounted to the keycap and passes through the thin film circuit board to be moveably mounted to the base board. The keycap comprises a top surface and side surfaces connected with the top surface, and the side surface is provided with a locking part extending outwards therefrom. The limit board is provided with a plurality of openings corresponding to keycaps, the keycaps pass through the openings, and the limit board covers the locking parts. The present invention can effectively prevent the keycap from breaking off under an external force. Furthermore, the present invention has a certain dustproof function, has more stable keycaps, is efficient and durable to use, and facilitates miniaturization of the keyboard.

Inventors: Lan; Tianliang (Guangdong, CN)

Assignee: Shenzhen Doking Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

International Classification: H01H 13/70 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 7/29/12018