Patent Number: 8,791,488

Title: Surface-treated fluorescent material and process for producing surface-treated fluorescent material

Abstract: Provided are a surface treated phosphor having high dispersibility and remarkably improved moisture resistance without degradation in fluorescence properties, and a method of producing the surface treated phosphor. The present invention relates to a surface treated phosphor including: a phosphor matrix including an alkaline earth metal and silicon; and a surface treatment layer including an alkaline earth metal, silicon, and a specific element belonging to groups 4 to 6 of the periodic table, wherein, when element distribution of the surface treatment layer in the thickness direction viewed in cross-section is determined by electron microscopy and energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy coupled with the electron microscopy, the position representing the maximum peak of a specific element content is located closer to the surface than the position representing the maximum peak of a silicon content and silicon contents of the phosphor matrix and the surface treatment layer satisfy the following formula (1): [Formula 1] S.sub.1<S.sub.2 (1) wherein S.sub.1 represents the silicon content of the phosphor matrix and S.sub.2 represents the silicon content of the surface treatment layer.

Inventors: Sun; Ren-de (Osaka, JP), Nakatani; Yasuhiro (Osaka, JP), Oomura; Takahiro (Osaka, JP)

Assignee: Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.

International Classification: H01L 33/00 (20100101)

Expiration Date: 7/29/12018