Patent Number: 8,791,765

Title: Force-mode distributed wave oscillator and amplifier systems

Abstract: A Force-Mode Distributed Wave Oscillator (FMDWO) that provides accurate multiple phases of an oscillation, a Force Mode Distributed Wave Antenna as a radiating element, a Force-Mode Distributed Oscillator Amplifier (FMDOA) and an array of amplifiers capable of operating as a beam forming phased-array antenna driver. Two distinct force mode mechanisms, one delay-based and the other geometry-based, utilizing inverter amplifiers, inject an oscillation on independent conductor loops or rings via transmission lines forming a differential transmission medium for the oscillation wave. Once the oscillation wave is initiated through the forcing mechanisms, the oscillations continue uninterrupted independent of any external triggering.

Inventors: Emira; Ahmed (Mission Viejo, CA), Tekin; Ahmet (Mission Viejo, CA), Ismailov; Damir (Houston, TX), Ay; Suat Utku (Moscow, ID)

Assignee: Waveworks, Inc.

International Classification: H03B 5/18 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 7/29/12018