Patent Number: 8,792,193

Title: Magnetic media tester and a method of magnetic media testing

Abstract: A magnetic media tester comprising a Laser Doppler Vibrometer (LDV) head; and a magnetic read head; the LDV head and the magnetic read head being configured for obtaining correlatable data of a region on a magnetic disk.

Inventors: Leong; Siang Huei (Singapore, SG), Santoso; Budi (Singapore, SG), Ong; Chun Lian (Singapore, SG), Lim; Joo Boon Marcus Travis (Singapore, SG), Yuan; Zhimin (Singapore, SG), Ye; Kaidong (Singapore, SG)

Assignee: Agency for Science, Technology and Research

International Classification: G11B 27/36 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 7/29/12018