Patent Number: 8,792,323

Title: Method and apparatus for wireless communication with low-overhead mobility management

Abstract: A method and apparatus for supporting handover of mobile communications is provided. A router performs routing services in a service area. The router maintains a location table configured to store current router addresses of mobile nodes that have the router as a home router. The router receives data intended for mobile nodes that are listed in the location table and are in the routers service area. The router receives a user datagram protocol (UDP) message from a mobile node when it leaves the service area. The UDP message includes an IP address of a new router in the mobile node's new service area. The router updates the location table with the new IP address and transmits data intended for the mobile node to the new router until the data is redirected at the source.

Inventors: Shahrier; Sharif M. (King of Prussia, PA), Chitrapu; Prabhakar R. (Blue Bell, PA)

Assignee: InterDigital Technology Corporation

International Classification: H04J 11/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 7/29/12018