Patent Number: 8,792,383

Title: Digital communications system for residential and custodial-care environments, office and the like

Abstract: The system is based on the arrangement of a plurality of terminals (1), (I') . . . (I.sup.n), which are interconnected with one another to form a digital network by means of two databuses, one write and one read, by means of differential transmission, with a hybrid connection topology based inter alia on UTP-type cables (4). Each terminal is constituted by a DLP-type card (7), which contains a programmable logic device for the management of a series of cards associated with the card (7), said cards being a main card (8) and a user-interface card (9), which enable the user to configure the various system options, it being possible, also, to incorporate one or more extension cards (H-H') for the input and output of audio/video signals, the Internet, a telephone line or an automatic-door-entry line, and also a remote-control and alarm card (10) for activating external loads, activating alarms and receiving signals originating from sensors.

Inventors: Moreno Carbonel; Juan Carlos (Zaragoza, ES), Leza Espanol; Jorge (Logrono, ES)

Assignee: Universidad de Zaragoza

International Classification: H04L 12/28 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 7/29/12018