Patent Number: 8,792,625

Title: Call server selection

Abstract: In a click-to-call communication environment, the present invention is employed to select an appropriate call server to use when establishing a call between two endpoints. A computing terminal provides a request to initiate a call between the two endpoints. The request is passed to a service node directly or through any number of intermediate nodes, such as a web server. The request may identify a source and a destination for the call. The service node will select a call server to use for establishing the call between the two endpoints based on the destination for the call, and send instructions to the call server to initiate the call. In response, the call server will initiate the call between the two endpoints.

Inventors: Sylvain; Dany (Gatineau, CA)

Assignee: Rockstar Consortium US LP

International Classification: H04M 1/64 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 7/29/12018