Patent Number: 8,792,773

Title: Digital video managing and searching system

Abstract: A system for managing and searching for a digital video includes: a video feature point extraction unit decoding an input video and extracting a feature point; a video feature point database (DB) storing and managing a feature point of a video to be compared (i.e., a comparison target video), and a video feature point comparison unit coarsely comparing the feature point of the input video and that of the comparison target video to acquire a candidate group, and minutely comparing the candidate group to detect a content repeated section, and informing a user of the content repeated section.

Inventors: Na; Sang Il (Seoul, KR), Oh; Weon Geun (Daejeon, KR), Jeong; Hyuk (Deajeon, KR), Lee; Keun Dong (Daejeon, KR), Je; Sung Kwan (Daejeon, KR), Jeong; Dong Seok (Seoul, KR), Jin; Ju Kyong (Incheon, KR), Kim; Seon Tae (Daejeon, KR)

Assignee: Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute

International Classification: H04N 9/80 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 7/29/12018