Patent Number: 8,793,049

Title: Vehicle diagnostic tool with packet and voice over packet communications and systems incorporating such a tool

Abstract: In an exemplary vehicle service facility that provides vehicle related sales, maintenance services or the like, a diagnostic tool has wireless packet data communication capabilities. To support voice communication, the tool also has one or more audible input/output transducers and a vocoder, and is configured to use VoIP technology or the like to enable wireless packet data transport of voice calls over the same wireless data links. The packet voice capability can support voice communications with technicians using other tools at the facility or with personnel in an office at the service facility. If the facility has a data link to a wide area packet network, like the Internet, the packet voice capability may also support voice communications with other parties having packet service. Examples are technicians at other locations or various personnel of technical support services for the tools or for different types of vehicles.

Inventors: Brozovich; Roy Steven (Santa Clara, CA)

Assignee: Snap-On Incorporated

International Classification: G01M 17/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 7/29/12018